What's the difference between millet, sorghum, etc?

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Oct 13, 2008
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Eastern Plains of Colorado
I have been thinking quite a bit about this lately. What's the difference in millet, sorghum, sudan grass and "feed"? Ain't there grain and hay varieties of millet? I can't get all them straight, so if you all could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. :help:
Sorghum Sudan mix is what I'll occassionally plant. It is heavier stemmed will grow like banchies but you do run a higher risk of poisoning cattle with it. There is less of a risk with the pearl millet and its stem is not nearly as big as the SxS. Its leafier. IMO, I prefer the pearl millet. It grows extremely fast, has less risk of poisoning and less risk of eye problems. But that's just me.

There are different varieties of pearl but I don't know if there is one specifically designed for hay. I use Tiftleaf 3 and if it gets out of hand I'll cut it for hay or baleage.
Ah, OK, so I'm thinking of millet. That would be what I see cut for feed. I do remember one time we fed sorghum and it killed a horse because of high nitrates. We haven't fed it since, but we have been looking for a good feed to plant in some sub-irrigated land, and millet was what I was thinking of. Thanks JoGee.
Check out Siberian hay millet. Foxtail with small seeds and very leafy. Grows fast in hot weather. With adequate rain or irrigation will give you a heavy yield.

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