What happened to the Salorn composite?

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Nov 13, 2005
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Langford Park Cornwall England.
Just to follow up on a discussion on the introductions page, how much do we know about the Salorn, and why did the breed fail? Was Prof Jan Bonsma wrong in his breed selection, or did historic attitude towards the Longhorn prevent the adoption of the composite?
Saler here in the SE did not have a great reputation on docility or function. Add in the "black is beautiful" ad campaign and that was a coffin nail. Not many decent LHs here either so that was likely too new to think about. And the real killer was that no monied promoter bought in on the idea and plastered the ag mags with the greatness of them and the high sale priese they got. Just an opinion.

I am not sure that a new breed is the real need of most herds and breeds as much as the need for common sense culling and selection. Like Angus, the best thing they could ever do to help the commercial producers is to produce some regional links, even EPDs, rather than the nationwide stuff. But the big boys would hammer that as hurting them. So common sense is outdone by the folks wanting the dollars.

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