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Aug 15, 2006
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:!: My cats are back to driveing me further up the wall. :help: ..Lucy wants to ride around the house on my walker-Mitzi is lieing on the rug,beating on my ankels with her tail-Elly is on the back of the couch,letting me touch her whenever I want to...the last time they did this was after surgery before chemo. :???: ..my bloodtests all came back real good,but pets KNOW when something is wrong. :? .I told Dr about them,and mabe he takes such things seriously,but all tests are good~~~ but now I have to have a routine cat scan~~~ So mabe mine are getting a jump on things???
What do I think? I think you should not worry about it and take it in stride. :D
alacattleman":2fqlmdyp said:
HerefordSire":2fqlmdyp said:
I believe one can tap into a power source and be healed.
so do i ......but im willing to say, we aint talking about the same source.

I will agree with you alacattleman based upon you signature line shown below.

im gonna clean my soul up lord~you don't owe me no back pay~im gonna tell that to the devil~when i see him today

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