what are doing tomorrow. Those not watching the super bowl

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No super bowl for me, I refuse to support those that won't support US. The owners had a chance to make it right and didn't, so screw them all. And screw basketball also since the players got into politics for the other side.
I'll be welding aluminum and putting new windows in the True Grit.
I sure hate missing Lady Ga-Ga. I am not sure what her agenda will be. Either discussing politics or having a wardrobe malfunction.
I have never watched a Super Bowl before; and with the temps being in the 60's here tomorrow, I am sure that I will be outside enjoying the day.
I'll just be messing aorund out in the shop. Might come in a couple of times to see what's happening but I sure won;t watch it. If I watch 10 minutes total that would be a lot for me.
Putting about 100 heifers I got bought this week on a truck and sending them on their 1000 mile journey to a feedyard. Then I have to run some bigger heifers through the chute and work them. If everything loads good and we don't have too many problems I might watch the end.
Seriously I can't remember the last time I watched a single down of NFL. Im hunting this morning, this afternoon I'll finish rebuilding the 3pt grader blade I started on yesterday. Feed up every thing ,sack out enough feed for the week and luv on Gigi a little.
M-5":1uvf41v3 said:
What is a super bowl???????
A large commode that you can here sucking people money out of their pockets and flushing down the drain
I've been informed by a family member the super bowl will be on the television. Whether or not I watch it has yet to be determined.
Excavating dirt with the backhoe to finish a dry dam project and prepping for rip rap tomorrow. Welding/ modifying our bale unroller, having a beer and going to sleep. Our church is on Saturday because we share a pastor.
Just got back from church. Will watch the super bowl but have always used halftime as a chance to hit the bathroom, go outside for a few minutes and kill time.
I'm at work. Quality guy said "If these machines would work like this instead of present setup we might get less defects". It's running 99.997% and this change should make it run 99.998.

I get to work on Sunday and not see the farm!
After church, went old school, and worked calves off of the horses. Second round of shots, and banded a few. Been a shame to waste a beautiful afternoon like this on the couch.

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