Weather in Australia

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Oct 1, 2008
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Northern New England Region, Tenterfield NSW Austr
The weather in Australia is about to change. There is a severe tropical cyclone off the Queensland coast that is expected to follow the coast for a long way down it. It should mean in about 3 days we will start to get rain from it. We haven't had such a disturbance come this far south for years and years. Hopefully it won't cause too much destruction in Queensland. The media is saying that it may well be as destructive as cyclone Larry that damaged Innisfail about 3 years ago. Before that event the media used to rate them according to the destruction of Darwin in 1974 from cyclone Tracey, which killed 74 people. Communities are much better organized now.Hopefully it will just bring much needed rain to the south of Queensland and the north of NSW.Will keep you posted. Check out the site "" on this site you can check out our weather and see how the cyclone is going.
Cyclone Hamish has become a category 5 tonight. This is the highest scale. The Queensland Premier today signed a disaster declaration which means authorities can move people from areas that they think are in danger. The cyclone is very slow moving but it has already dumped 6/8inches of rain to the south of the system. Almost half the Queensland coast is under threat so far. We'll get rain shoudl it keep its path parallel to the coast,in about 3 days.
My sister and aunt are going to the Perth area next Wed. I havent' looked at a map, but hopefully things settle down by then.
Those Brisbane dams might get filled yet this summer! It would be amazing to have them full or close to.
My brother and family are supposed to be going camping at Wivenhoe next weekend but their cabin may be under water!

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