Video: Residual Feed Intake Seminar

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Jul 29, 2008
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At the Midland Bull Test Sale, Dr. John Paterson of Montana State University presented his findings on residual feed intake (RFI) to producers. Midland recently installed the GrowSafe System, which allows them to evaluate an individual-animal's feed efficiency. RFI seemed to be a buzz word last fall, and I think lots of people are still talking about it. There are three videos in the series click here to view them all ... 714559C3B8 or watch the first video below.
Thanks for the video link. Very interesting.

As I am land-limited, I am working on shifting to 1200 lb cows away from 1400 lb cows. It is hard to do though when you have some really nice 1350-1500 lb cows that give you beautiful calves every year....


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