Vicki - Treatment for Sprain?

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Vicki - I have a heifer about 8 mos old that came up limping Friday nite. We couldn't find anything in her foot and thought she might have a stone bruise since the ground thawed and there is a good bit of mud. This morning I see a little swelling above the pastern - she walks but you can tell it hurts her. I am thinking of putting her up in a stall with another heifer for a couple of weeks but usually get in more trouble when I put something in the barn. What is your experience with a sprain? Should I just let her heal on her own? She doesn't need to walk much - maybe a couple of hundred yard between the round bale feeders and the water trough.

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In general, having ascertained that there is definitely no fracture, I'll put the animal in a small area with soft but not muddy ground. Here, since there's a foot or more of snow on the ground, that would be in a well bedded pen. Elsewhere, grass would be good--but not gravel--and no slope. I'll let her take her time healing but expect almost perfect in 10-14 days. If it's taking longer than that, there's something more wrong and I'll usually drop them and do a full exam on the hoof, foot and more.

Footrot will also cause pain, limping and swelling above the hoof. Treat with long acting tetracyclines (ie LA) so please be sure of your diagnosis. Also a local vet is an excellent resource! Good Luck! V
Heifer laid around a couple of days - now good as new. Swelling is gone. Have very good local vet but he is very busy and we work well together. He tells me that he knows when I call that he is needed and it is time to do something. I don't waste his time nor my money on things that I can handle but also don't put off calling him when I know I need something I don't have or can't do. Thanks

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