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May 11, 2004
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What does everybody typically vaccinate their keeper hefer with? Do you re-vaccinate everything annually?
Good question, Showmom! As calves at weaning, our replacements get a Strain 51, an Alpha Seven Clostridial and a Titanium 5 with the pasteurellas, boostered with a straight Titanium 5. After they've made the final cut, they get two doses of Cattlemaster 4 + VL5. We give the Cattlemaster two to three weeks apart and booster it annually with the cowherd.
We vaccinate all of our calves at about 4 months and again at about 6 months with Cattle 4, Cattle 7, and Pasteurella, etc. Also get invermectin injection for de-worming. Heifers get their bangs test & vaccination by Vet around 6-9 months old. All cattle get spring & fall injectible ivermectin for de-worming and an annual booster with Cattle 4 & 7. Bulls get Stay Bred VL5 before breeding season. If we have a bull out on lease, he gets de-wormed and Stay Bred VL5 upon return.

And, when flies are a problem, we spray with Permectrin II as frequently as needed...bulls seem the most vulnerable to flies. Others it varies.
We vaccinate calfs at weaning with a cattle master 4 or equivalent and oneshot ultra choice 7, 2 or 3 weeks later bovishield 4 or equivalent and oneshot ultra choice 7, ivermectin pour on at weaning. The cows get vaccinated annualy this year we are using triangle 9 with type II BVD. We apply Ivermectin Dewormer twice a year and fly control as needed. The heifers are bangs vaccinated by the vet.

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