Used my Vet Gun for the first time

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MurraysMutts said:
sstterry said:
MurraysMutts said:
This is what I'm doing now. Well, a pump up weed sprayer with permethrin. Would be nice to find something that lasts longer. Must be a hormone thing. I thought everyone liked guns.... lolz
What are you mixing with the permethrin? I use diesel.

I have a small herd. I've just been buying the 2 and half gallon premixed stuff at atwoods. Kinda pricey.

No doubt! Fly Ban is $250 for 2.5 gallons and they recently stopped carrying that size so you're stuck paying more for 1 gal. jugs or ordering big 'ol 5 gallon jugs and I believe Ultra Boss/Ultra Sabre have similar pricing.
MurraysMutts said:
NonTypicalCPA said:
It works great! It was so easy to walk among the herd and just shoot them. It was kinda fun too, my least favorite got to go first! :D My cattle's reaction to the shot was just like you see on the youtube videos, very mild. Much easier than running them through the chute. Within 15 minutes the flies were gone.

U must take pictures.
This sounds like a fun way to take care of flies. What brand? Cost? Must know more....

I also have the Vet Gun brand. I used to put out grain and walk among them, but a couple of them think its a fun time for target practice - at me with their hooves! So this is payback. And still no dewormer as of yet.

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