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Running Arrow Bill

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Dec 24, 2003
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Texas Panhandle On US 83
Just put avitar of our new black bull up. Sorry pic is so small, but largest I could re-size and still stay within the 6KB limit! His name is "Jet Black Phantom"...dual registered ITLA and TLBAA and A.I. Certified Sire.

Tried to put a picture of him on message board couple of days ago; however, in spite of my best WAG tries...wouldn't load. Maybe Cherokee Ruby or other can copy it from our website and put it on...if anyone is interested...I'm the one who always seems to have trouble putting pics on, even when I do it "by the numbers"...lol. Que Sera, Sera...
cherokeeruby":350ubz0j said:
Good Looking Bull :!:

How about a avatar of just his head and horns, that would look good.

Good suggestion! In fact I just took another digital of him yesterday that had head/horns looking like the "Hartford (Insurance)" bull! Takes a lot of time, patience, etc., to get "good livestock photos"...they don't always pose the way you want them too, etc....lol.

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