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For all the experts out there, please help. One of the cows in my farm recently developed a bump (looks like a giant swelling) om the hip area. It is getting bigger and now it almost has the size of a cooking pan. When I push aginst the hump, it feels hard inside and the cow does NOT show any sign of discomfort. The cow still eats normally and produces same amount of milk. Can anybody tell me what the bump is? How do I treat it? Is it a tumor? Thanks in advance.

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Ok, a large firm swelling on the hip of the cow could be darn near anything. Abscess,seroma, scar tissue, benign or cancerous growth...I'd recommend a vet come out and clip, prep and fine needle the area, look at the resulting cytology and tell you what it is. And for me, a tumour means lump, not cancer.

Good Luck V

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