Large Hanging Tumor on Heifer

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Feb 17, 2018
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Hello. I have a 2 year old Longhorn Heifer that I recently noticed had a small hanging growth on the inside of her back right thigh. This was about 2 months ago. It's has grown exponentially in the past 2 months and now it looks like a sac of golf balls and is hanging by a super thick stalk. I have also now noticed a small lump on her vulva and now one above her eye. She is very light colored and light pigment as well. No other symptoms. Gaining weight. Eating fine etc. any ideas on what this could be?
My SWAG is warts but pictures would help. If warts, crush/pull off a couple with pliers causing some of the virus to get into the blood stream. This will allow the immune system to attack and kill the remaining warts. Can cut/pull off the others if you want. Warts treated this way usually die off in a couple of months, maybe faster if all cut off.
Ok I've tried to get pictures without being kicked and this is as best as I could get. Do warts grow super fast? This one has grown even more! She's a hard one to pen so I'm trying to do my best not to freak her out and scare her even more. It's like a hanging sac of walnuts. Like literally if I tied balloons off in knots and there are several.
rrbrlracer":2uv7gml5 said:
Yeah I pretty much figured. I've never seen it before. Guess I'll call the vet. :(

Good idea. (Not being a wise-a$$). I'm with Alacowman on this, looks like some sort of tumor. Who knows, could even be a fluid-filled lymph type of deal, hard to tell. As for tumors, there are so many types, its hard to guess accurately with this one picture.
If you do get a vet involved, keep us posted as to what they say and what happens.
ALACOWMAN":2aa9x5ui said:
I wonder if Longhorns are prone to skin lesions ?

I wonder if the white/grey/light skinned are similar to grey/white horses and their propensity for skin cancer, cancerous growths and various pappilomas.
Probably need to get histopath done to properly identify it but if you wanted to do something yourself then put a or some elastrator band around one or several.


PS the age of the heifer would have one thinking it would not be anything too nasty but anything is possible.
Had a bloodhound that had a big tumor like that,had the vet remove it.. I did it first but it came back with a vengeance.. They had to go deeper to get it stopped.. But it was benign..turns out it's common in the bloodhound breed...

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