The best play I have seen in baseball.

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Coaching T ball I had a girl do an unassisted triple play. Runners on first and second. She was extremely shallow center field. Fly ball both runners go. She caught the fly, stepped on second and tagged the runner coming from first. It was T ball but this 7 year old girl did it on her own and knew what she was doing.
Ohio High School ballgame. Center fielder tagged the runner out at home plate the other day. Second baseman had faded back to catch the ball but missed, third baseman had left his position, and catcher went to cover third base. Was almost as amazing as watching that ball girl climb the wall.
I SOOO love baseball!! That ball girl video, with the fielder and catcher standing there looking like "Did I really see that??"

I was never really great (maybe not even good) at playing the game but there's not a spring goes by, that I don't wander by the sporting good section and I just have to pick up a new glove, try it on and it takes me back so many decades to the many many games we played on the vacant lot right next to my boyhood home.
well, that's enough ramblings from an old man..

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