swiss bull calf won't stand

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Hi , I have a swiss bull calf that is a week old and still can not stand up by himself . Whenever I feed him I have to lift him to his legs but he usually looses his balance . I wonder if this is a problem that will get better ?

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Are you bottle feeding him or is he nursing from his mother?

Have you taken his temperature? Does he have a fever?

Are his legs formed normally?

Does he look bright and well hydrated or does he stand humped up & look sick?

Is he nursing vigorously?
I have a bull calf that was born on Easter and he didn't stand until 3 days old. But this was because he was/is slightly brain damaged (also called dummy calf) Did your bull have to be pulled or have a traumatic birth? Have you talked to your vet? If not try asking him about it and he may be able to give you advice. Not to discourage you, but he may never stand up if it's already been a week.

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