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Mar 21, 2016
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Southeastern IL
We moved some cows to summer pasture last week from a winter lot. We put a bull at this lot to feed up a little to get ready to turn out again in a couple months, and decided to sort out a thinner cow to keep him company. I went down to feed yesterday morning, and the cow was slow getting up and coming in, when she got close I could see a long string of afterbirth hanging. I'm thinking great, she aborted one (she looked bred, but wasn't showing any signs of springing right away). I drive out in the lot, there's not one but two rwf calves, small but looking good!

Two things to learn from this: it's better to be lucky than good (in that she's where I can give them all lots of extra attention), and my kids are way more excited about twins than I am.
You gotta love that feeling when you go from frustrating mad to epic success in a matter of seconds. Congrats on the calves
Thanks all. This is my second set in the last two years, same bull different cows. I think I'm going to wean them at around four months if they make it, try to take the pressure off momma.

As a side note, my dad had a shorthorn years ago that raised twins every year for about four years in a row. Lightening got her, ain't that the luck?

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