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Can you order more then enough straws of a bulls seman and keep them in a regular freezer for 1 to 2 years? Will they still be good after 2 years in a regular freezer?

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No absolutely not, a regualar household freezer is not near clod enough, semen must be stored at extremely cold temperatures, far below the temp. of a household freezer
Semen is stored in liquid nitrogen. This is about 320 degrees below zero. This is the only way it can be stored. You need a special nitrogen tank to store semen or contact your local inseminator to see if he will store it for you.

Simme Valley in NY
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The other responses are right on, but to add to them, semen can be stored indefinately in liquid nitrogen tanks. I have one vial(the old way semen was contained) that was collected on a bull in 1972. It is still viable as we used one a few years back and have a daughter of the bull in the herd producing.

Jason Trowbridge Southern Angus Farms Alberta Canada

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