Stock trailer paint color?

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Sep 8, 2017
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I had to do some welding and metal repair on my stock trailer I actually stripped it all the way down. I am planning on a new floor, lights, and paint. I am almost ready to paint, it was originally red although badly faded. Trying to decide on a color I have it narrowed down to the van sickle implement paint in either Massey Ferguson gloss red or Massey Ferguson gloss gray?

My wife thinks the red will be to obnoxious it's a 30 year old chaparral trailer all of the metal work looks decent but you can tell where the bottom has been cut out and repaired. I am not looking to make it look like it came off the show room floor.

Any opinions on what color would show the least amount of imperfections? Thanks
Farm Fence Solutions":n6dwf3sv said:
Around my place, rust is the only color that would blend in.

Guess I just need to leave it alone then..... haha its pretty ugly at the moment but its structurally sound.
I have a 1985 Hale stock trailer that is blue but has a lot of rust. I think it adds character. IF I were to repaint it I would go back with blue, but it's my favorite color. I read somewhere before that white was the best color for hiding imperfections on a vehicle, because the eye doesn't pick them up as well. IDK
My trailer is cow shyt brown with gold pin striping and I love it. Even when dusty and dirty it looks great travelling down the road. Always get lots of admirers. Cows stay calmer around earth tones, so I stick to those colors.
Sounds like our 20 ft trailer we redone about 5 years ago. We went with the gray. It has held up good.
A few examples of what different colors will look like.........




Gray. Its neutral. Easy to touch up. Easy to find touch up for.

jltrent these are supposed to be stock trailers. Not easter eggs. Those trailers look like easter eggs.
Decided to go with a gray color I think red would be too loud after all it's just an old trailer. My brother in law helped me get it primed over the weekend. Already looks better.

Hoping to get it painted this week. I went with the VanSickle Ford 8N Gray. I think it will look pretty decent especially after I get the lights and trim put back on.


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