Steer Vomiting

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Oct 4, 2009
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It was suggested that I would do better to post this question here. So here goes. I have a 1 year old plus steer that has started throwing up. Haven't seen him do it but have found vomit in his pen when I feed in the mornings. He eats and drinks water ok. I stopped feeding him hay and put him on grass hay only for now. (read on here that changing feed might help) I have another steer that has been eating the same feed and he is fine.
Vets in this area really don't care to deal with cattle (past experience), only horses. So short of hauling him to a vet hospital does anyone have any suggestions. I am not a cattel rancher, only raise beef animals for home use. Have raised several over the years and have never had one do this before.
Any suggestions?
Red Bull Breeder":lechsdrf said:
Might have something hung in his throat.

I was thinking the same thing.

Get him penned up and in a chute or a headgate, put a piece of PVC pipe cross-ways in his mouth(so he can't close it while you are looking) so you can try to see if there is anything 'stuck' in his throat. If you cannot see far enough, reach in. If not perhaps you can feel from the outside down along his throat towards the brisket area and see if you can feel any obstructions from the outside.

Me 3...

Sounds like an obstruction from either something ingested or a tumor.. Do you have an experienced neighbor around that can help you out ? Have you tried drenching him with a water hose ?

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