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Dec 11, 2016
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I grew up on a farm but am ready to start my own herd. We currently have black angus and herefords but I would like to get charloais for my herd. Any other breed suggestions?
I agree with the previous posters. The black Baldie Hereford/Angus cross is still demands top dollar here and produces females that not only perform but are overall easy to handle. Although a person does have to watch what Angus bull he uses more now than years before.
What sells the best in your area? The biggest problem that we have here is that black is the preferred color; and we happen to like red cows too, but the red steers bring .10 to .30 less as feeders and that is a pretty big hit to take on. I mean why raise them side by side with the black ones when you can't get the same money if the calves are as good? If you are in love with a certain breed then go purebred in your chosen breed. If you just want some good commercial cows then try to raise what you can sell the easiest for the best money in your area. You don't have posted where you are located. The type and breed that does best in your area might be different than what would do good in another area.
Here in Va decent bred black heifers sold at a sale 2 weeks ago for 1000 to 1200 a head. Going to a bred cow sale tomorrow and will post what they bring on thursday. All depends on where you are. Seen some posts on here where they are still in the 1500 to 2000 + per head range.
Okay. Do yall know the average cost for a Angus mix? I don't have a big budget. Quality, age, docility and a lot of other factors determine what a cow will cost. Prices are different in each region. Best to talk to someone who attends sales in your area. They will have a better idea. Just reading posts here it amazes me at the difference how cattle prices vary across the nation. What tops the market in some areas are docked hard here. Here Chars sell cheaper. But I know that isn't the case elsewhere. For the last year plus top Hereford and Red Angus females have topped the market where I've been.

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