South Brahvon

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Oct 1, 2008
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Northern New England Region, Tenterfield NSW Austr
This is one of my South Brahvon heifers. She is 3/4 Brahman content with 1/4 South Devon. These heifers get crossed with the same content sires.
Makes me jealous. Must put some indicus in my composite; but I was leaning towards nellore.
No if the animal is well fleshed and of good temperament no discounts happen. There has been a bit of a swing away from the Angus at some sale yards. Good quality cattle of any breed tend to sell ok. Nellore type Brahmans were quite common once but they proved to be a bit too light boned and temperament was a problem.
nice heifer.. how big of a place do you run? if you don't mind my asking so.. you seem to have a range of cattle...
Have 3 main breeds. Brahmans, South Devon and Hereford. Only have a few South Brahvon. Have 1,000 acres of good country. We are up in the mountains (1,000 metres) Don't grow any crops. not cropping country. Have a look at my posting on Coffee Shop (near my place) will give you two views of the country.

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