Skid Steer Broom

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Oct 14, 2016
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Just curious if anyone has any experience with brooms on here, specifically for raking up sticks/roots from newly cleared ground.

Seems to me like they would do an excellent job, especially if you could angle it and rake all the trash into a windrow, then haul it off with a grapple or bucket.

I have used a grapple rake to do the same job, which works okay on soft ground, but found it to be very difficult in rocky ground, you end up digging up the rocks, and you lose a lot of topsoil in the process.
We use a sweeper (broom) in front of a skid loader on concrete only. we have tried it on soft surfaces but not happy with results. does a great job on a hard surface. I would not expect you will have the results you are hoping for trying to sweep on ground. I would think a hay rake would give you better results.

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