Ford 5610 Hard To Steer

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Jun 8, 2019
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East TN
Has developed hard to turn wheel over winter. Went to load hay at the lease yesterday and could hardly turn thr wheel at low rpm. Wasn't much better at high rpm.

Loaded the hay and parked the tractor, didn't inspect the problem. Going to do that this week.

Any ideas what's going on? Hoping low on fluid but saw sign of anything leaking.

It felt like both front tires were flat but they definitely were not.
Off the top of my head, all of our 10 series and prior are on the left side, keep in mind they use hydraulic oil instead of PS oil. I've seen them leak internal and dump the oil into crankcase.

First step is to check oil level, without that folks are just guessing. Take a pair of channel locks with you, sometimes those caps are tight.
thanks. Was in too big of a hurry to fool with it much. Was curious if there was a common issue with them.

I'm going to assume it's got a leak. It's a 93 model with 700 hours. Lots of time sitting. Already had to rebuild the steering cylinder. I figure those o rings get dry and Crack up if not used much.

Thanks again.
Any updates on problem.
I having the same problem on 5600 but mine is not leaking or using fluid.Very hard to steer unless your moving and rpm’s are up .
Fluid level was good on ours. Visually, everything looks fine. But it's still hard to turn the wheel. Feels like tires are flat is the best way I can describe it.

I am assuming it's a pump problem. Planning to bring the tractor home soon so I can work on it in my spare time. Being 1 hour away doesn't help that process much.
I had a 5000, could be different, and I'm not a mechanic, but it had a similar issue when I got it. Ended up being some slop in the linkage around the cylinder, under the radiator (Like I said, the newer one may be completely different). Talked to a guy who knew Fords, described what it was doing, he knew what it was doing. Tried to explain it to me but not looking at it I didn't really understand. Hauled it to him and he charged me $50 to weld something, reducing the slop and all was well. That thing leaked everywhere.
I might try the hygard and see if that will help.
Drives fine but will wear you out loading or unloading hay in barn
Between putting a different pump on it and replace fluid with
JD Hygard it is 90 % better . I can us it now .