Simple portable corral system ?

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We have a Titan portable corral/chute but if you only need it for a few cows, personally I'd just rig something up. We needed to catch & load a couple heifers this afternoon and used rusty old, bent panels and secured them to corner posts with bungee cords (have also previously used baling wire). And I've worked cattle by roping, switching to a halter and tying it to the grill of my Polaris. If you want something more secure you can get panels that pin or chain together at probably most farm stores. Our Priefert chute is relatively light weight and has a trailer if you really want a portable chute (but don't drive over 45 mph or that thing will fishtail!).
I like my priefert portable chute for applications like that. Doesn't take a very well engineered or efficient corral to work 1-2 head.

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