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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
We call this cow side horn. Has anybody ever seen something like this. I am curious as to what it is. It is a hard growth that comes out to a point. It seems to be weeping today. Hasn't done that in the past, I am thinking she got bumped by another cow. This is an old broken mouth cow who is about to calf any day. The growth seems to have started right at the top of an old brand.


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Took this pic of my neighbors cow a couple years ago, sent it to him via text. I thought it looked like fly strike or proud flesh because it's near where they brand but he said she had cancer. Not sure about the hard tip on your girl but looks like the whole mass could get knocked off easily.


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I'm curious if the calf will have anything like that, if it maybe genetic. If it doesn't seem to bother her and doesn't show up in her calves I'd let it be. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Than again I'm not a vet, I'm sure you could find one that would charge you for something. 😉
Think Shell..... Would you feed meat from that cow to your family? No conditions, Yes or No?
Think Shell..... Would you feed meat from that cow to your family? No conditions, Yes or No?

Were did I say anything about taking it to slaughter and eating it?

If it's not genetic why not let her have calfs. He won't get nothing selling her and No I'm a vegetarian I wouldn't eat her. 😁😝

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Many old cows grow hornlike mass on their brands. Always seemed to me it is actually horn. If that were the case there would be no reason you couldn't eat her other than she's old.
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Seen many of those on brands on old cows. Something to do with tissue growth over time caused by the brand.
Well she is a one and done. She seems to act fine. My main concern is come August she will truck off to the plant along with her 80 pasture mates. If she doesn't pass I get nothing for her. A few years ago I had one die at the plant before being processed. I got charged a $100 disposal fee. Do they do the same thing for cows that get tanked? If that is the case I can just shoot her and drag her up to the bone yard. In the mean time I am absolutely going to let her raise the calf.
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