Horn Flies attack people

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Aug 19, 2022
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SW Oregon
I have cattle and also a pet lizard. To feed this lizard every few days I go out with an aquarium fish net and catch a netfull of hornflies off my Jerseys to feed the lizard. I select an area of dense hornflies on their hide and pop the flies over it with the net. The Jersey cows are used to this and do not object. I then carry the net load in into the house to his terrarium and he goes to town eating them( a young southern Alligator lizard ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_alligator_lizard

Well, yesterday I must have overfed the lizard with too many hornflies. Apparently the leftover flies were able to escape. After dinner my husband and I were plagued by biting hornflies while watching television.

You cannot kill horn flies by slapping with you hands. Over millions of years hornflies that plagued cattle survived selecting for those that survived the whipping of cow's tails. You have to slap them then rub them in. That is the only way to kill them
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