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We bought 3 bull calves friday and they were fine solid waste, walking doing good,, friday afternoon one was lifeless gave him a shot of nuflor he was better somewhat saturday he still has the scours other 2 calves are doing good what other action should be taken, we gave him shot and have him on electrolytes anything else we need to do, also friday night had to tube him he is drinking ok not great now please give suggestions thank you
A) Where did you buy them? If it was a salesbarn, expect disease in any/all over the next 10 days. B) What do the scours look like? Any blood? Viral scours won't respond to antibiotics C)Temperature and hydration? If you don't know how to check, just ask! D)Along with the electrolytes, what else are you giving to feed? E) Climate, weather and housing?

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There is a strain of e-coli out there that is very resistant to most antibiotics, micotil, or excenell, or Nuflor, seem to work on just a limited number of strains, if you see a non response to meds I would try another method and consult a vet or pull a fecal and get a drug sensitivity so you don't lose too much time, I have learned the hard way, these new drug resistant bugs hit hard and fast, and I would also recomend isolation and lots of bleach to treat any affected area so you don't run the risk of infecting other imune compromised aniamls, either by exposing them to the area, or you tracking it around on your boots, wear rubber boots and use a strong bleach foot bath.

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bought them from a local dairy ,,the scours are whitish a little thicker today, havent seen any blood yet,but if do, what do I do.He is still peeing and doesnt have a fever,still feeding him milk replacer along with the electrolytes,, have them out side in a new place and weather has been rainy>

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