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Mar 7, 2017
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Hello. We are new to owning cattle. We recently had a calf born about 3 weeks ago. She seemed healthy although her back legs were a little shaky. Over the past couple weeks she has got worse. I just gave her LA 200 for being sick. The Bo-Se is for her legs. When she walk she looks drunk. Her ears are droopy and she doesn't get up much during the day. Any suggestions would be appreciated! We already asked our vet but she is just as clueless.
My first question, Is your vet a large animal vet, or do they mainly deal in small animals? That could be part of the issue in them not knowing what is going on. LA 200 does not do much for sickness. About all it is truly good for is pink eye.
How did her lungs sound when the vet checked them? Did it have a temp? Does it have scours?

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