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Feb 16, 2004
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Troy< MO
We lost two calves last week. First three we pulled calf and cow into barn for a few days each, then released into heard of 25 cows. Last two we found dead before we could pull them in. Yesterday, I pulled a calf into the barn, but never could get the cow in. Help.
We have put new born calves in the back of a pickup, let the mother know it is there,and the cow will usually follow the calf.The herd instinct is hard to overcome,and ordinarily they do not want to leave the herd.Newborn calves can sometimes be injured by older calves that want to play,or are jealous, which is why it is a good idea to separate them.That is probably why the cows like to "hide" them for a few days. :cboy:
I have a calving pasture which I only use for cows that are going to calve that way you don't have to worry about jelous yearlings.

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