Shameless plug for trained livestock guardian dogs

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Dec 18, 2008
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Port Orchard Washington
OK this is a shameless plug i must admit....if you are interested in livestock guard dogs (not cattle dogs or herders) they are strictly guard dogs for your livestock this is a rescue these dogs are not for sale.
they were bred to fight off wolves and will back up a pack of coyotes, these are amazing dogs; very smart mine is too smart!

this is a rescue with the war and the economy etc there is a need to place livestock guard dogs.
most people want just a pet....there are some but our girl would rather be outside not snuggled up to us.

they also arrange transportation with volunteers to transport these dogs across country so if you are interested in getting posts when a trained LGD is available please PM me and i will make sure you get a note from me here....

if this offends anyone please forgive me.

thanks for allowing me a shameless plug for these dogs...

angel :D
A plug for a LGD need not be shameless. Anyone that wants a great dog for livestock protection should get in on this. We have a LGD and will never be without one again.
I'd not heard of this before. Interesting. What is the cost involved? I might be interested.

Alice the cost involved is usually around $350 or less to adopt one. You could also foster one and see if it is a fit BEFORE you adopt.
these are some amazing dogs and they will decide if something is a threat usually they are spot on.
we had a cougar come onto the property and out Anatolian and Shepard cross were able to run it off with no damage to the dogs at all.
some folks think these dogs are dumb because they are VERY independent but they aren't they are very smart.
they do get LGD in rescue and also pet quality so it you want to know more please email me @ [email protected]
and i will gladly put you in touch with these great folks.
they also have volunteers that help transport dogs cross country so if there is one in another state you wont have to drive up and get it you may have to travel a bit but not much

Thanks for the info. The foster to adopt sounds like a good plan.


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