Eventful day with our dogs.

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
We had got through the morning work, and sitting outside with the dogs, ( female Blue Heeler, and two male Border Collie/Blue Heeler crosses) when a pitbull with a walking harness comes up the driveway. Our dogs are not immediately friendly with other people and especially not other dogs. Somehow my wife noticed the dog before our dogs did. Ordinarily nothing gets by any of them. The Heeler and one BC were in defense mode and finally got them in the house, to avoid a fight or them chasing the dog and all of them going to the road. Fortunately the owner was coming down the road looking for the dog.
Later this afternoon, one of the BC's caught and killed a groundhog.
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While my dogs are extremely placid in nature they certainly don't give that appearance when they see another dog though, let them out with them and they just want to play but that initial response can get them in a bit of trouble that they didn't anticipate so I understand where you are coming from Ky.

If I see a pit bull chained in the front yard of any house and I've got a pretty good idea about the type of people living there.
Had a dog on the water system I work for that acted like he wanted to eat me. Every month I'd see this dog, and it just got worse and worse. I was plotting ways to take him out. So one time I go there and the people are home, no dog, so I ask where he is. Turns out, their son walked to a friends around the corner to play with a boy that just moved in. The new folks had a massive pit bull that made a beeline for the kid, and the dog that tried to eat me up jumped in first and died protecting his kid. They had to call the sheriffs deputy who lived down the hill to kill the pit. That mean dog probably saved that kid's life. Made me wonder what would've happened if I'd have run over meanie beforehand. I still think God had a hand in it, me never getting my opportunity to take him out.

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