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AITA?? Neighbor down the road has kept different LGDs since I moved in in 2012. Doesn't take care of them as all, they barely get enough to eat. They try and raid my cats food so I had to build them a shed with a small cat flap to get in and out. They go back and forth across the road to his pastures to guard his cattle. The female Anatolian was killed by a car or truck last week. The male is an unfixed killing machine. His wife bought a tiny Chihuahua puppy for her grandbaby and the guard dog, also an Anatolian tore thru the fenced yard and killed it the first day. She bought another one and he killed that one 2 days later. My dogs are enclosed in a 6 foot chain link, locked fence and are fixed so they are OK. But this dog now thinks my property is his and wants to mark it. He has **** on my brand new tractor, 2 times, once on the brush hog and once on the tractor itself. He shits on my porch, my steps, my carport and even jumped into the bed of the truck and **** there. I put game cameras up so I know whose dog it is. The neighbors response is "dogs will be dogs". I don't want to kill him, so I put up a couple of driveway alarms so if he tries to sneak up, I know. I keep an air rifle by the door and have popped him the in keister a few times. He tries to mess with my free range poultry, my pot bellied pig, my fixed feral cats I take care of and my horses. The mini donkey has clipped him a couple of times but he comes back. I am at the point of SSS for this damn dog. I won't go out without my gun in my belt or pocket cause he has taken to thinking I am on his property and has gotten his hackles up and growled. Again, neighbor just shrugs. Guess I will do what I have to do. I won't wait until he tries to go after me or my animals.
shoot him
I am going to do what I have to. I take care of an 85 year old neighbor who leases said dog's owner her pasture since her husband passed. She called me the other day to let me know that this dog has threatened and growled at her when she was going to her car. She's 4'11" and 98 lbs soaking wet. She's friends with the dog's owner and got the same BS reply. This dog could kill her just by knocking her down.
Used my tractor, hole is dug....tired of irresponsible dog owners. You can have a guard dog that does its' job without killing everything it comes across! It's sad when you have to take steps cause others refuse to. And NO, I will not feel any guilt at all. I hunt and target shoot. I wouldn't pull the trigger unless it was a kill shot!
I had few dogs coming down raising heck every morning. I shot them one morning...
One winter, as a teenager, a close friend rushed to shoot a stray dog. Slipped and fell on the ice coming out of the house and shot his younger brother, standing about 30 yards away, dead. Total freak accident and a huge tragedy.
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I'm not big on shooting dogs but I've made exceptions. If I was going to kill it I'd shoot it. Poisoning one is shitty and would probably get you arrested for cruelty to animals which is a federal felony. I've got a anatolian cross near me that is on borrowed time. Neighbor refuses to keep him up and doesn't bother vaccinating him. He's growled at me and jumped my dogs before.

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