Semen tank fill costs?

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The COBA rep comes by about every 6 weeks and checks ours for $25 per trip. Even get a cap and a calendar every year. :cowboy:
I put a stop to that schedualed fill crap. I have my tank filled twice a year. Once just befor breedin season and about now. I check my tank quite often. The rep would call "commin out for a refill" I would check my tank and it would be over half full. No thanks. If I was usin it heavy durin breedin season have it filled once after but when it just bein opend to check the liquid level durin the off season I dont need that every six weeks stuff. Oh yeah 25.00 a fill
We get 2 tanks filled every 6 weeks for free from either ABS or Genex.
Eastern Breeders stores all our semen AND delievers it when we need it for a cost of about 120 bucks a year.

We pay around 15 bucks for the first cow bred by the technician - if we use him - and 10 bucks after that.

Haven't AI'd for 8 years now but it used to cost me $40 to fill. The ABS guy filled it up when he brought the semen I'd ordered. I only bred for 21-24 days and when he came around again he would take and store any semen I might have left over at no extra cost. Used to breed all the heifers to a low birth weight RA bull and about a dozen proven cows to whatever I wanted. In other words about 30 cows all together. So my N costs were about $1.30/cow. Semen costs were anywhere from $16 to $60.
Out of the dozen cows I bred I usually was in that 80-85% rate and would usually keep a couple of bulls. We ran more cows then but for about ten years I hardly ever bought a bull. Now I've got lazy and buy a couple of bulls every year...only now black Angus. Breed the heifers to the same Angus bulls as the cows.
Incidently some of those AI'd heifers had some pretty decent calves that made great cows. There was one ABS RA bull out of Montana(Bootjack) that left some really productive cows.

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