Self Dumping Hay Trailers

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Apr 19, 2007
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Gulf Coast of South Texas
I'm looking for self-dumping hay trailers. The ones that dump the bales individually and preferably one you load from the side.

Looked at Hay Van and Hay King. They are well known and work good but you also pay for that which I don't have a problem with if that is the best option. Also found Circle C and Winco brands, which look the same, but I don't trust the latches.

Any other brands yall know of or use that are worth looking in to? We have an old blue one now but I have no clue what brand it is.
cattle60":1cj4k13z said:
Look at GoBobpipeand steel in Oklahoma. They have a single bale dump trailer now.

Thanks for the info. I gave them a call and they were really nice. Problem is their nearest dealer is several hours away.

Leaning toward Hay King right now. Good price, good product, I can get one 30 min from my house.
We bought a red rhino from them last year and are happy with it. Had some dealers around but didn't really know much at the time, went to the main office and picked it up there. Like them better because they use heavier materials and the spacing is wider therefore I believe more sturdier.