seems like 2017 has come in like a lion.

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Had a lull, but here it comes again. We didn't get 2 inches but the wind is hard out of the North now. Really strange looking rolling clouds with it.
Radar showing a heavy line in the vicinity of you and GB right now Stay safe. We had 3" between Sat afternoon and Sunday and that weather you are getting should be here after lunch. Tornado watch and flash flood watch in effect now.
I heard it come through here about 4AM this morning. Lots of thunder,lightening and wind with some rain but I didn't even look to see how much. Never got out of bed. Sun was shining by 9 o'clock.
We never lost power at my place, but the Energy truck came by in front of the house around 10 am--dunno why, but there were lots of bucket trucks out on the roads. Turned nice this afternoon and perfectly clear tonight.

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