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Apr 24, 2004
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Just wondering what everyone uses for a scour vaccine? Scour Boss, Scour Vac, etc. Used Scour Vac on heifers a couple years ago, and wondering if I should use Scour Boss on this years heifers.
what i use on my bottle calves is a raw egg in their bottle once a day and i will shoot 4cc water mixed with 4cc household bleach. not sure if this would work on larger cattle or not. this recipe was given to me by an old-timer, i trust them more than the "book tought" cattle men
Started using Scour Bos 9 since calving at a different location now. When calved at the ranch we didn't use any scour vac.

One of the local vets recomended this versus the Scour Guard for protection. I asked him if it was based on company loyality or resuts. And he said he isn't with any one company and see best results with the Scour Bos.

Last years results. When it did snow , wet some of the calves did scour, however I wouldn't know what would have happened if the cows didn't have any scour vac in them at all. (control).
We rely on calving in a clean pasture environment, it's worked for all these years very well.

I was actually looking at the scour vaccines yesterday and they seem very expensive compared to all of the other vaccines we use for respritory and 'preg guard' types of vaccines. Why is that? We have never vaccinated with a scour vaccine and have never had a scour problem except one bottle baby.

IMO it would be more cost effective to treat the souring calf then vaccinate against it. I this right?
We have never used a scour vaccine. Didn't know we needed one. Other than good mineral, a few booster shots and nice clean pasture, we try not to spend all our money.

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We don't use a scour vaccine either. I f we have onme that gets scours we treat it with sulfa boluses. Usually don't need that.
I just bet that needing scour vac is a regional thing. Notice that the south and those in Texas don't need it.

However those of us in the North where snow/wet and various temps -mostly hovering above and below the 32 mark are more likely to need it. In the town nearest me, where we now calve due to the nicer climate, everyone gets awful scours. They can loose 1/2 a calf crop to scours - the nasty kind. Up here at the ranch the ground is frozen until sometime in later March so we try to calve out mostly in Feb before the ground starts to thaw off and on in March. But we are far ahead calving out in the lower elevation and nicer climate.

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