Yearly vaccines

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Sep 16, 2015
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I posted something on this last week, then found where I had ask last year and I followed the recommendations from it but I just wondering if there are better or newer things that's a better protocol. Last year I went with Covexin 8 , cattle master gold +4, + vln5 and Pillguard pink eye 1 trivalent and a pour on wormer. I can't find what I used for pasturella and respiratory. What are you real cattlemen doing? Thanks
You might try Cavalry 9 instead of the Covexin 8, it's a newer product that is a 2 ml dosage instead of 5 ml. Cove in 8 has a reputation for leaving unsightly knots or bumps at the injection site.

For respiratory Super Poly Bac covers several different types but it's not usually available except by ordering it.

You should always check with your local vet for their recommendation as some disease is regional and may not be much of a risk for you.
I'm a strong believer of MLV vaccines. If you use any killed vaccine, DO NOT forget the boosters. Most killed is only good for 6 months and is more expensive. MLV cannot be given to pregnant cows UNLESS she has been vaccinated with equal product within 12 months.
Lepto should be given 2 x a year.
For calves, I use BoviShield 5L5HB & OneShot Ultra at 3-5 months - also I deworm with both, Valbazen drench and Pour On. Then at 4-6 months, they get the BS 5L5HB & UltraChoice 8 (booster). BS does not need a booster, but you only get like 90% efficiency in any vaccine. By giving it again 30 days later, I feel confident they are 100% covered. Then I don't vaccinate until after weaning stress is over.
Spring calving cows get the BS in the fall and fall calving cows get BS in the spring. They all get Lepto shot - either spring or fall whichever they are not getting their BS.