Scour Calf

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Aug 15, 2014
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South Carolina
Calve has had scours going on 10 days nows , seemed to have gotten better then today not so sure . He is out of a heifer I recently purchased . He is able to walk and nurse on his own . I've been treating him with calf bolus pills and la 200 , ran out of la 200 and used nuflor the other day and he seemed to be doing better . Checked him today and he wasn't as peppy as last time so gave him some more nuflor .

I notice the heifer hides him and goes to graze/lay with the herd for most of the day / When I check on calf and finally locate him I'll take him to heifer and he immediately begins to nurse . I debated putting calve and heifer together in confined area but with the moisture we have had lately its a mess in my confined areas so I decided against this .

I'm not able to iv fluids and not comfortable tubing him but will if need be . He can stand and suck on his own so should I do anymore than I'm doing now ?

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