Sacro-sciatic ligament and impending calving

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Does anyone have experience predicting calving by palpating the sacro-sciatic ligament? According to some information I found online if you can move this ligament 1 " she's a few days away, 2", she'll calve within 24 hrs. If you check the ligament everyday (near her due date) you should feel the difference. The ligament stretches between her tailhead and pinbones, according to the online information it can best be palpated rectally. My well grown hereford X heifer was one year old April 8, was accidently bred possibly as young as 5 months, looks like she will calve soon. My vet palpated a big calf and wants to do a c - section, hoping for a live calf. I want to avoid an emergency call and do a planned c-section, but don't have a due date to go by. Thanks in advance for any replies!
P.S: Yes she is a pet heifer: Cattle here (Vancouver Island, Canada) are definitely not worth vet bills at this time!
I’ve never paid attention to the ligaments. How I check our cows (or does, ewes, mares etc.) is by lifting their tail at both morning and evening chores. If they still have the muscle to pull it back down I don’t bother watching them. If I can lift it and they cannot get it away from me they will usually calve within 24 hours.
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You can usually tell when a cow is real close to calving because the tail kind of sits out from the back end of the cow and they develop a little valley right in front of the tailhead. This is probably caused by the loosening of that ligament you are talking about. I would prefer this visual inspection to sticking my hand up a cow's butt every morning. Good luck.
Never have had to do a C-section but was wondering two things. First do you wait until labor begins? Does it hurt anything to get the calf a few days before labor starts?
I'm sure its best to wait till calving begins and give the heifer a chance to deliver normally. But most likely I will be at work when that happens. Or the calf will be too large, and the vet will be unavailable to do the emergency c-section. If we do a planned c-section and take the calf a week early - close to term - it has a good chance; a month early, not so good. Thankyou Goatlady, Cattle Rack Rancher, and Cherokeeruby, I appreciate your replies.
The heifer had her calf this morning, 11 hours before her scheduled C-section, had to lube it up and pull hard but didn't have to cut anything - she is mothering it good. The vet thought she was too small, I thought she was too small, she wasn't too small. She is 5 days short of 14 months old.

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