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A few years back, I had a stroke of bad luck and both my horses broke their legs. One had to be humanely destroyed and the other broke his elbow and only was given a 25% chance of a full recovery. Being a tough horse, he did recover. He runs, bucks, and plays hard and stays sound. Even escaped his pasture and ran a few miles down the side of the road. I'd like to start riding him again, he was such a wonderful ride. Any ideas on how to bring him back?

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> I would recamend that you talk to your vet, and a pro horse trainer. And not just any trainer do some research on him or her to find out how good they are. Someone like a racehorse trainer would be good being how they deal with alot of broken legs, because they race young horses and there bones aren't fully developed. Other then that I would think he would be ok for light work at short periods of time. Hope this helps. Breyanna Kelly

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