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Hello to all!

I am very new to this subject as you will see with my question,

Ok I was wondering what type of bull would be the best to have as a pet? I have approx 3 acers fenced in with farm (watchmens) fence. I have a small pond with some treed area as well in that space. My neighbour has 40 goats! (in case that matters)

I do not want to kill the thing I just want it to roam around and eat all the tall grass out front of my property. Also I live in Canada kinda between, Detroit and Buffalo so the weather may not be right for some types?

Do bulls get to know you? Or will the thing wanna kill me if I wear red? LOL

Thanks in advance

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You absolutely, positively, DO NOT want a bull for a pet. No matter what the breed, NO bull will never be 100% safe to be around. Their personal space varies from day to day, depending on how hard the hormones are raging.

You may decide you want a steer, which is a castrated bull, or you might want a heifer, which is a young cow. Or, maybe someone has an older cow they will sell at a very reasonable price and you could give it a home. Do your homework, though, because temperament does vary from breed to breed, and the way the animal has previously been handled has a lot to do with how it reacts to humans.

A bull, steer, heifer, or cow essentially starts out as a wild animal. It's gender, genetics and handling determine whether it's going to continue to act wild and unpredictable or whether it calms down and is gentle with humans.

Start your education with Dr. Temple Grandin's web site. She's an associate professor at Colorado State University, and is considered THE expert when it comes to animal handling. <A HREF=""></A>

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