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MULDOON":28sq5455 said:
So could Yall tell me what R-calf is doing to make everybody so mad!

Muldoon, I hate to see your question sit up there so long and the only response be a hot link to the R-CALF site. Do a search on these three Consumer Activist Groups:

Consumer Federation of America
Public Citizen
Consumers Union

You should find a record of all three of these groups making anti-beef statements in the past, some of them recently. Some even have policies and goals that would drastically change the way we do business. Obviously, some of their members would like to see us out of business!

Now ask yourself---
"Why in the Hell would R-CALF leadership join these three groups for a joint press conference criticizing the way USDA has handled the BSE situation."

Surely USDA hasn't done everything right. Some of us might even think that they have done everything wrong. But for R-CALF to join these groups and even take a chance on shaking the confidence that the American consumer has in our product really pis'ses me off!

We have a huge advantage over our Canadian neighbors in the event, or when the time finally comes, that we find our own native BSE case. That advantage is because of the differences in our respective export to domestic consumption ratios. To put it simply, we have a chance of eating our way out of financial ruin. Yes, it will hurt. But if we can maintain consumer confidence in our product here at home, we can get through it in better shape than our neighbors.

Now surely its not the intent of R-CALF to create a negative impact on our domestic demand. But if they conspire with these groups and cause it to happen, it won't make any difference what their intent was! We will all pay for it!

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