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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
When is my cow going to calve ?

She was do on the 28th and is as big as a house and her udder is huge. She is a 4 year old Holstein and she has calved exactly on her due date the last 2 times, a bull calf and a heifer consecutively. She has had a mucous strand hanging down already and when she was laying down this morning chewing her cud there was a little colostrum leaking from one teat ..I wish she would hurry up already ... :roll:

Sorry Bez, I just feel in a cheeky mood this morning and I couldn't resist after reading your last post on CS about some questions people have and how this board has changed :p :lol2:

On a side note I was also wondering what kind of talk and panic is going on over there with the locals and also the troops regarding H1N1 ?
Hope all is well and you are safe.. :wave:
Well, I don't need an answer anymore as when I came home from doing errands this afternoon the tail end of the calf was sliding out. I am happy to say that I have a beautiful 117 lb Holstein heifer calf. Mom and baby are fine and mom's afterbirth came off within the hour....and it is only supposed to go down to +3 tonight... :D

Now I can go to bed early again and sleep past 5 am.. :banana:

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