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I'm wondering if anyone knows what the term 'scur' means? I was looking up some information about British Whites... and it mentioned that they are usually smooth-polled, but, occasionally, a 'scur' will can be noticed. My guess is that it means stunted horns? Or knobs? Can anyone tell me, please? I have looked this term up in all the dictionaries at my disposal and found nothing. Thanks ever much. Anastasia

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"Scurs--Horny tissue of rudimentary horns that are attached to the skin rather than the bony parts of the head."

Scurs can usually be wiggled - the are not firmly attached to the head like horns. They are not a desireable trait!

I have a glossary of some terms on my web site - the link below will take you to the glossary.

Glossary of Beef Production Terms

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