Preventive Health Care

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Hey ya'll! Here is our "prevention" program for our cattle: All heifers under 12 months receive Brucellosis (Bangs) vaccination. ALL of our cattle receive twice yearly complete series of vaccinations, usually around March and October area which includes blackleg, a "multi-vaccination" (Cattle 4: IBR-BVD-PI3, Staybred VLS (Vibrio Lepto 5) injection, and de-worm injection with Dectomax. They also receive insecticide ear tags in spring. We keep any calving pens cleaned out of manure and soiled hay and each cow about to calve goes in her own pen with loafing shed. We also feed white salt and mineral block with Rabon (fly control for manure) as free-choice. As a result, have not had ANY illness, disease, or other problems with our cattle. Today, we took 4 calves to Vet for their complete series, plus had him brand 3 of them. Total Bill: $58.30. Small price to pay for preventive health care.