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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
Has a blockage in his stomach and is currently being transported from Paducah, KY hospital to Nashville, TN. Have yet to figure out what it is. Dad and his 3 brothers has really had a rough year or two. Their last surviving Aunt passed away this year, 1 uncle passed from a liver condition, 1 was involved in a terrible work accident, dad had a major double hernia surgery, and now this with the last uncle. Sorry if I bombarded the board for prayers or best thoughts this past year or so but they're much appreciated. Thanks!
I pray they can get him back on his feet and back healthy. Sounds like a tough year. Sometimes when it rains it pours.
msplmtneer":2alai6u7 said:

Hopefully they can get him fixed. Sounds like a bowel blockage as they may have to take a section out and reattach.
They tried running a scope procedure down to his stomach Friday in Paducah with no success. He was sent to Nashville for the same procedure Saturday to be retried supposing better equipment and such but again no success. Aren't able to get far enough in. Are going to do a different procedure Monday and go in from the side through an incision with like a wire or something. They feel that this procedure will be a success to get in there and see what the problem is.
Did get down to Nashville and visited him for a few hours. His spirits are upbeat and I'm thankful for that. I thought his nurse was terrific much better than the ones Dad had during his hospital stay in Paducah. Thanks for your all's prayers! I'll try and keep the updates coming.
Was told he had a tube put in to drain the pressure build up or food and that it was going well. Tomorrow that maybe he'll have stints put in where it will drain naturally.
I had a bowel blockage several years ago. Had the tube done the throat for three or four days. finally had some relief and then back again. Had surgery and they found some scar tissue from an appendectomy when I was fourteen had decide to grow and had strangled the small intestine. Did no lose any small intestine at all but actually gained about eighteen inches. A cat scan with contrast reveled the cause and then surgery was planned. I was in the hospital for two weeks. One week deciding what to do and one week in recovery. Surely they will find your uncles problem
An Update: Uncle was released yesterday to go home. A stint was put in that now he can eat without everything backing up. Found that the root of the problem is that he has a mass or growth on top of his pancreas that was blocking everything to continue to pass. They do think it is Cancer. Sent him home to gain some strength and is suppose to go back in a couple of weeks to remove this growth.

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