Power steer. cyl.- HELP!

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Nov 11, 2004
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I have taken my neighbors power steering cyl. off of his MF 50 and can not figure out how to get the control valve apart. The main cylinder came right apart, but the control valve which is part of the casting has me stumped. The book says to push in on the valve and stick a pin punch down into a hole into the "spool" and you can unthread the 2 halves of the valve. The valve body has what looks like a couple of balls down in the 2 recesses in between the hose ports, were I assume you wold stick the pin punch. The book shows the balls but does not tell you what they are or how to get them out. I am pulling my last 3 hairs out trying to figure this one out. Any advice would sure be appreciated. I will post a picture of this thing if I can figure out how to do that. Joe


If someone here doesn't come up with an answer here, try posting on the MF forum on YTmag.com. Lots of knowledgeable tractor mechanics over there.

Never worked on one before but I bet there's a retaining ring that holds the control shaft in the valve assembly. Get the shaft out and I bet all the innards will come out that way.
I went ahead and pulled the seal out from around the control shaft and sure enough there was a spiral retaining ring. It was not easy to get out but finally got it. I looked the shop manual over with a couple of guys and all agreed the manual said to do it differently. It was impossible to get it apart following their
instructions. Thanks for the tip about the ring.

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