Powdered Milk

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Dec 14, 2008
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The price of powdered milk in our area went up like crazy. We use it for our motherless calves and feed it to our pigs, but now the price has jumped up to over 100$ a bag. Was just wondering if there are some other places or products or something i could do to minimize cost of buying powdered milk without sacrificing the quality of the milk.??
Just powdered milk. Mix with water and you have milk for cats dogs pigs calves (after colostrum). Works awesome!
We've been using milk replacer from Hubbard feeds for about $40 a bag, that's taking 3 tons at a time .

I have never heard of that before. Could it still be used for Hogs, Calves and pets? Is it nutritious? How do you use it?
There are many milk replacers out there that will do an excellent job for a lot less than $100 a bag . You want what is called a 20/20 milk replacer, 20% fat 20% protien . Make sure it is all milk protien . That would be for calves, as for other species I won't comment, but would think for most it would be ok .