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Aug 15, 2006
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I guess the rain we had went to my head,and I've planted beans,squash,corn,lettice,dill and one tomato plant-all in pots!! This is a real experiment on my part,so I'll keep you updated..the soil here is awful--riverbank mud..If it's wet,you'll slidedown,if it's dry,you'll fall in a crack,never to be seen again.. It grows crape murtle,pecan,live oak,and bamboo real good..
hey if your pots are big enough I don't see why not! I have real crappy soil where I live at the moment and last year I grew stuff in 5 gallon pails with some dirt from back home in my grandfather's garden and some good aged manure and everything grew well! Good luck!
Think I'll go back home and get my son to load up some of the soil.. You could grow most anything there..
Container gardening works really good if you are disciplined enough to remember to water them on a regular basis. I'm not that disciplined. To remedy this I found if you cut a drum in half and flip the top half over and place it in the other half you can create a water reservoir under the container. You can then drill holes in the top half and stick rags through this so it will wick water into the soil if you forget to water like I always do.
I bought another tomato plant! and a 5 gal bucket to put it in,and soil,and some flowers to keep it company-----If I get a tomato,it'll have cost me $ 95.00!! Oh,the tomato is named "German Queen",so had to have it..
My corn,beans,squash,ect look really good corn is bout 4 inches this morning..Weather is damp,so it may be taller..planted "Golden Bantum" Daddy always swore by it,but now it's considered an herloom!! Well,that's what getting old will do for ya'..
Jogeephus":26uyja8d said:
Don't you just love to see it grow though!
Oh yeah--Have to have something growing....And I might have a real tomato!! Sure hope I can enjoy tomatos by that time-lemons and tomatoes is what the chemo messed up the taste of the most. The only thing that tasted the same before and after is rice cakes!!
Well rice cakes really don't have a taste do they? I mean its more of a feeling of cotton going on your tongue and a sound isn't it? ;-)

I'd like to point out a problem with your math though. You will still have the potting soil and the bucket for many years to come so I think you need to depreciate the cost of these materials over a 7 year period - at least.

I wish I had a better memory cause I want to suggest a type of tomato to you that I think you would find wonderful container production. Do some reading on what I think are indeterminate varieties and try one or two of these. A fella I know uses this type (if I don't have it arsebackwards) in his containers and his tomatoe plants reach a height of 15 feet by fall and bear the whole growing season. It is impressive.
I should get "Patio"tomato plants,they stay short and thick,but all the tomatos get ripe at the same time,so there are no tomatos,lots o tomatos,no tomatos..I like the indetermant,they have a longer bearing season..oh,we'll see,mostly this is playing to have something to do and something to think about..
I got a bloom on my German Queen!! :D I'm so excited.. :nod: ..and it's raining!! :banana: Not hard,but misty and really damp with a few bigger drops every now and then..Not gonna run off,gonna soak in-------oh,just what we need for about a week or so.. :tiphat: this is Texas,so it'll change soon,the only thing to do is enjoy every minet of every day.
Planted a packet of mixed eggplant,and a packet of mixed colors bellpepper. Didn't mean to plant all of them,but "somehow" the packets/seeds got wet,so had to plant..will get more pots/buckets/bins and transplant a bunch.Everything's growing good,fun to watch
Got 2 dahlas,so pretty..one red,looks like a pincoushion,one purpleandwhite,looks like a daisey..first time to try dahlas..

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