Pneumonia - Update

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Jul 29, 2008
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Have been battling a BAD pneumonia in a month old calf the last week. Took him and another 3 week old to the vet yesterday. Vet said that he has been battling a REALLY NASTY pneumonia in several cows/bulls in the area (north Texas). One of the bulls is a friend of ours that is a high dollar bull (250K)...They shipped him to the Vet college in Oklahoma and did some testing. They said the ONLY thing that made the animal respond was a double dose (5 days apart) of Draxxin. He has had good luck with this and all the animals he has treated have responded well. He also gave a steroid and some B12...
Just wanted to pass this along. This is the worst pneumonia I have ever seen. Vet had the same sentiment. Not sure what caused this issue. But keep a close eye on that herd and act early on stuff.
My little guys will be lounging in the barn for a few days with the new mister and fan set up that I installed last night .