Peak of Calving

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Apr 29, 2006
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Had a 7 calf day yesterday, cold windy and raw. All babies spent time in the hotbox. And all are doing very well this morning. We have now 27 new ones, as vigorous as I've ever seen. :clap: :clap:
That is great. I like the busy days. How many cows do you have to calve out??

So far our biggest day has been 4 calves. Have 21 on the ground and about 120 left to go. Had one out with the 'later' cows, she didn't look like she was that close ;-) . Ah, well, it was a nice night, and all is fine. So far no major problems here, just 1 backwards.
We had 5 more today so far maybe a couple more before morning. That makes 32, and another 58 more Spring calvers to go. They will be more spread out now. :D :D And today with the nice weather made it lots less work. Only problem is two first calf heifers don't like the motherhood idea and it makes extra work.

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